About Us

DPS Castle of Dreams is an inspiring and ultra modern pre-school of DPS Indore. With its supportive and learning environment, DPS Castle of Dreams provides the best of education with a multi level experience for your child.

It is believed that the maximum development and growth of a child’s brain is made in the early years. Knowing that the early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of your child, we at DPS Castle of Dreams pay special attention to provide an ideal learning environment. DPS Castle of Dreams emphasizes on activity based, multi-sensory, thematic play way of teaching to make integrated learning, a wonderful experience for every child. We also focus on developing language, visuals and listening skills. Our bright and attractive classrooms encourage alternative ways of fun-filled learning amid joyous ambience so as to interest the minds of little ones and also to suit their learning styles visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

At DPS Castle of Dreams, your child is provided with a strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and academic skills to make them become a multi-talented individual.