The future belongs to those, who believe in the beauty of their dreams. DPS Castle of Dreams aims to develop confident individuals who are ready to face future challenges with cutting edge technological support and innovative teaching techniques.

We follow the Montessori and kindergarten approaches to ensure early delivery of quality education. DPS Castle of Dreams believes that children aren’t to be moulded; but are to be unfolded. Here, the learning is by understanding the practical applications of concepts and not by rote.

DPS Castle of Dreams provides all the eight skills of intelligence, giving a broad and varied outlook to our teachers for identifying a child’s interest and helps him achieve his full potential. We strongly believe that “If a child cannot learn the way you teach, teach the way he can learn”

The syllabus is designed with the objective to offer a warm and congenial learning environment where a child explores new heights. It includes a broad spectrum of skills enhancement: Bodily kinesthetic naturalistic, inter / intra personal, linguistic, spatial or music and so on.

Our specially designed curriculum provides strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and academic skills to mould your child into a multitalented individual. Here a child acquires comprehensive knowledge and skills through fun-filled activities.

Reading skills

Reading includes letter recognition and its association of sounds, awareness of phonetics, promoting picture reading through picture talk, sight words, rhymes and story gradually moving to framing simple sentences related to day to day conversation.

Logical Reasoning

Apart from language, analytical and logical reasoning is taken care through recognition and association of numbers with values, steadily moving to simple calculations like addition and subtraction. On the academic front, children adhere to the basics of three subjects- English, Hindi and Math.

A more complicated approach in preps curriculum including concepts of vowels & consonants, reading three letter words and consisting of ‘ee’, ‘oo’, words ending with ‘ang’, ‘ong’ and ‘ing’; concepts of singular, plural, sentence framing with that, those, these along with prepositions making them confident in small paragraph. More emphasis is given on communication skills through story narration, rhymes (show & tell) and conversations related to monthly theme.

Hindi (our mother tongue)

Promoting correct usage of our mother-tongue is taken care by our expert teaching staff. The curriculum includes recognition and reading of ‘swar’ and ‘vyanjan’, gradually moving to reading and writing of two, three and four letter words and sentences.

The specially designed theme based curriculum allows children to gain awareness about a specific theme every month. An environment is created in line with the month’s theme or concept and rhymes, story, art & craft are also planned in harmony to the particular theme.