Extra Curricular Facilities

Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me & I understand. Co-curricular activities play a vital role in the overall development of a child. They are meant to supplement, extend and enhance our curriculum and provide an opportunity to practice the acquired skills and knowledge. At DPS Castle of Dreams, equal emphasis is given to academics and co-curricular activities. The activities include color days, shape zone, treasure hunt, environment day and festival celebrations. Various competitions are also planned specifically for refining the social and motor skills, sharing, being independent, reinforcement of concepts and above all, the overall grooming of child’s personality.

Thematic activity planning is a great learning for the pre-primary kids. We have various themes in all three divisions of pre-primary (Pre-nursery, Nursery & Prep) where age appropriate, interesting, purposeful and objective oriented

activities are planned for kids. Our themes include fruits and vegetables, animals, transport, helpers, seasons, heritage of India, planet Earth, sports, homes and shelters, living safely and so on having broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of surroundings and nature.

All the activities, competitions, field trips and celebrations are planned in accordance to various themes and towards skill enhancement of a child.

Play activities Play time activities with the use of beads, wires, leaves, pebbles, clay, sand, nesting toys and mosaic toy tiles help in developing gross and fine motor skills and satisfy kids’ natural curiosities through observing and discovering in a natural environment.

Story telling and Puppet show
Story telling sessions with (no single moral) realistic experiences by use of lots of puppets help them to learn life skills like sharing, honesty, truth and helping others in need which promotes self control and inner discipline.

A pre-primary child cannot learn values or life skills, merely by listening about what is good or bad but through their own meaningful experiences designed purposefully for them.

Role Play and Drama
DPS Castle of Dreams provides hands on experience of role play, dramatization for self expression and introduction of concepts, as they learn and retain things when they perform themselves. Stage exposure instills confidence in children. We plan an array of assemblies and competitions based on various festivals and cultural diversity.

Yoga & Aerobics
Weekly activities like yoga, aerobics, puppet and music theatre provides meaningful learning experiences to the children and promotes interpersonal relations and peer group learning. Pre-primary education is development oriented and not syllabus oriented. An attempt towards educating, rather nurturing young minds is made by DPS Castle of Dreams while taking care of all the aspects of child’s development like physical, motor, language, cognitive, social-emotional and creative expressions.

To sum up
“It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken man”

Circle Time