Teaching Methodology

To make our teaching learning more interactive: 
Teaching methods at Castle Of Dreams Indore focuses on strengthening cognitive skills through active, hands on learning experiences.

The educators are well trained to handle the innocent, inquisitive young minds, not as teachers but as partners in the learning process.

We follow a consistent yet flexible daily routine that includes specific time for cognitive subjects which are learnt by activities where the learners plan their own activities carry them out and reflect on what they have learnt.

The curriculum planning – High scope pattern, Montessori and play way method which gives scope for each students to evolve and reach to higher heights where they find themselves confident for regular formal schooling.

Curriculum designed is basically a total alliance between fun and learning. It not only aims to teach a child various themes and concepts which are needed at this age level but it also aims that these things are taught to the child in a very creative and play way method.

Our whole curriculum is activity based and theme based. Which mainly focus on overall development of child.

In order to enhance the personalities of these tender children we have devised a unique curriculum, compressing of many activities to develop the cognitive and intellectual skills of these individuals.

Our teaching pedagogy followed in preprimary while imparting various concepts are all child centered. We understand that every individual is unique and they learn according to their pace & ability.

To reach each and every child’s mental level and to satisfy their learning potential, we designed the activities accordingly related to themes & concepts.

Colour Days, special assemblies, field trips, competitions, (fireless) cooking activity, Experiments are oganized to enhance child’s grows motor skill, cognitive skills, fine motor skills.

Puppet shows story telling sessions are also conducted which helps in language development as well improves their imagination power.

Art activities are planned according to the themes to enhance their creativity.

The information delivered in the classroom situation is graded properly and sequentially which moves from simple to complex, abstract to concrete. Worksheets reinforcement exercises.