About Us

This Kindergarten of DPS Castle of Dreams is a unique Pre-School set to the theme from the Arabian nights. On 23rd March, 2015 a fairy dream took shape as Castle of Dreams which is aesthetically pleasing, child friendly & has received admiring compliments from many parents and visitors. An innovative layout, quality furniture that brightens up the classrooms and resources that encompass all age groups in an educative setting, truly makes this place look and feel like the ‘Castle of dreams’. We are a team of highly skilled professionals with a range of specialisms that enhance children’s learning and development at an early stage. Every professional within the setting regularly obtains professional development, enabling a dynamic and current practice of teaching and assessment that ensures a social foundation for every child’s earliest years and provides a desire for lifelong learning experiences.

Our Ethos
“Every child is unique, with a bundle of hidden surprises. In order to unravel and nurture their hidden talents and arouse their self confidence, children should be provided ample opportunities to explore, experiment, understand and analyze the teachings in a play way method”.