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Leading together Stronger together – 31st October 2022

“Leading together……… Stronger Together”

Seminars, workshops and conferences are an excellent platform to address some academic issues/challenges/problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get deeper understanding on subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, Delhi Public School Kolar Road conducted a workshop on 31st October on the Topic “The Inspired Classroom”. The key note address was delivered by Ms. Manisha Anand. The suggestions provided by the resource person were taken in by the participants enthusiastically. It was an enriching & fruitful session which benefitted all the participants.

Halloween Celebration – 31st October 2022

“Halloween is the best time of the year to make fun crafts”

Halloween – a significant celebration that is observed around the world on the 31st of October every year. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated ‘Halloween Day’ to impart this ritual practice to the students of classes Pre-nursery to Prep. All the students came dressed up in spooky costumes like witches’ warlocks, gnomes; trolls, and other storybook characters. On this special day, various fun activities were conducted to provide children with frightful fun. The students of class Pre-nursery did the activity “inch-wincey” wherein they learned the incy-wincey to turn their treat into a Spooky Treat. The students of class nursery enjoyed making little ghosts 👻 with cotton balls and created Halloween stories to scare each other. Students of Class Prep made scary ghost puppets.  The entire zone was transformed into a scary land for the children to soak in the Halloween spirit. In all, it was a fun-filled day for children as they enjoyed this day by scaring each other and got the opportunity to understand what Halloween is all about!

Festival greetings – 21st October 2022

“The best time to make new connections are festivals”

Festival Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. Festival greetings to near and dear ones is a kind and thoughtful gesture that is appreciated by everyone. In order to celebrate the feeling of love, respect and belongingness, a festival greeting card making competition was conducted for the students of class Prep. It was a wonderful sight to witness the creation of children, who with their nimble fingers, weaved magic on paper.

Meteorological Channel – 21st October 2022

Weather conditions affect us every day. Knowledge  about the weather and different weather patterns is important for students. “Meteorological Channel”, an activity was conducted for the students of class Nursery with the objective of making students aware of the weather in tune with nature. In this activity students made a weather wheel included sunny, rainy, windy, snowy, cloudy, stormy, foggy, humid weather. They also learned the basic weather terminology and weather prediction.

Triumph of Light – 21st October 2022

“It’s time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge instead.”

On this auspicious occasion ‘Diwali Mela’ came alive at DPS Castle of Dreams, Kolar Road. A series of activities were planned to make their day full of enjoyment. Eye catching vibrant stalls were the centre of attraction for all. The entire castle wore a festive look. Students dressed-up in colourful traditional outfits, enjoyed the mela and went home happily with tiny little goodie bags gifted to them as a Diwali Gift.

Cultural Exchange – 21st October 2022

“Each culture carries an incredibly rich palette of colors and gorgeous patterns represented in their traditional.”

Festivals are the celebration of the traditions of a particular people or place. The sole purpose of festivals  is  to celebrate glorious heritage, culture, traditions and to rejoice special moments with our loved ones.

Students of class Prep enjoyed the festivity with an excellent “CULTURAL EXCHANGE” activity. Young Prepsites dressed up in their cultural outfit, shared their traditional food items with each other. Students enjoyed the activity and together they celebrated the diversity of the country on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Les Fruits – 20th October 2022

Fruit is nature’s candy. With an objective to educate children about the recognition of different fruits and their importance in regular diet, ‘Les Fruit’ an activity was organised for the tiny tots of Pre-Nursery. The project was helpful in teaching children the health benefits of consuming fruit. The teachers discussed peeling and cutting of fruits. Another area where the activity focussed was the enhancement of each little learner’s vocabulary with words like washing, peeling, cutting, picking, etc. The students and the teachers singing the fruit rhyme with great zest, and enjoying the moments of joy while working together for the special event made it a memorable day for all. Let’s catch a glimpse of the action.

Wishy washy of fruits and vegetables – 19th October 2022

“Fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy life.”

Vegetables and Fruits keep us healthy and strong. Washing fruits and vegetables can be a fun way of learning different vocabularies, numeracy concepts and thinking skills.

“Wishy washy” activity was conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery wherein the tiny tots of Pre-Nursery learned to wash and clean the fruits and vegetables. They were also explained about the importance of eating clean fruits and vegetables. All the students enjoyed the activity a lot.

Fruit Rocks – 19th October 2022

“Fruits make you strong, better and perfect”

Fruits form an important part in our daily diet. Fruit decoration is an artistic way of presenting and encouraging people to eat healthy and stay healthy. A competition “# Fruit Rocks” was conducted for the students of class Nursery wherein students prepared different designs and patterns with fruits. The objective of the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food in our regular diet for maintaining good health. Participants creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed using different colourful fruits.

Eat healthy stay strong – 18th October 2022

“Eat Healthy Stay strong”

Fruit chat making activity was conducted for the tiny tots of class Pre-nursery on 18th October ’22. The purpose of this activity was to strengthen the identification of fruits and a discussion on Fruits. The teacher demonstrated the steps of making healthy fruit chat. The teacher involved them in making fruit chat by using fruit pieces, chat masala, sugar and salt to taste.

The activity also focused on enhancement of the child ‘s vocabulary with words like washing, peeling, cutting, chopping, mixing and sprinkling. The toddlers relished the yummy fruit chat.

Dawn to Dusk – 17th October 2022

“The night is just a part of the day”

DPS COD Kolar introduced the basic concept of day and night to the students of class Nursery through an interactive activity ‘Dawn to Dusk’ In this activity students shared their thoughts on how the sky looks different during the daytime and night time. Students also discussed the routine to be followed during the day and night time.

Tiny tots enjoyed the activity by making agamograph for day and night.

A way to brighten – 13th October 2022

“Celebrating light, hope and goodness around the world”

Festival of lights is around the corner. It marks a special time of celebrations, fun and fervour. A major part of the celebration includes lighting diyas or lanterns with the hope of replacing darkness with light, and happiness. To give a feel of festivity to the students of class Prep an activity, “A way to brighten” was conducted. Students enjoyed making vibrant and colourful lamp and enthusiastically decorated their house with these lanterns.

My Own Calendar – 10th October 2022

A good way to remember special dates is to use a calendar.  Learning to read a calendar is an important math skill children need to learn. Keeping this in mind, an activity “My Own Calendar” was conducted for the students of class Nursery. In this activity students learned the basic calendar reading skills and they also marked the important days and dates of month like festivals, birthday date, weekend days etc. Children enjoyed the activity as they were able to connect it to their day to day life.

Green Garnish-Competition – 30th September 2022

Good nutrition is vital for the growth, learning, and development of young children. To provide a strong foundation for a healthy life children need foods and beverages with plenty of nutrients. Keeping this in mind, ”Green Garnish” competition was conducted for the students of class PREP. The objective was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the right choice of food among children. The participants’ creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouthwatering salads.

Ghandhi Jayanti, Dussehra – 30th September 2022

“Festivals teach us to share the joy with each other.”

Celebrating festivals is an integral part of learning at DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar. Being a diverse country, through such celebrations, students not only learn the significance behind the festival, but they also learn to embrace other traditions and cultures just like they do with their own.  Keeping up with this tradition, the festival of Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated by the students of classes Pre-Nursery to II. The celebration commenced with reciting of shlokas followed by the enactment of a very captivating Ramleela which concluded with the ultimate triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana, signifying the victory of good over evil. The students who enacted these roles were perfect in their poise, confidence, and expression.

The students of class Pre-Nursery paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by presenting the poem ‘Bappu bhole bhale’ with passionate patriotic fervour. A skit conveying the importance of developing a strong character by overcoming our weaknesses based on highlighting the values and principles of Mahatma Gandhi received loud applause. The students dressed up in their traditional attire performed a beautiful Garba dance. The program culminated with a very positive message from the Academic Coordinator based on the importance of good virtues in our life. The program was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all.

Doodle art competition – 29th September 2022

“Colours are brighter when the mind is open”.

Spreading the brightness of colours, “Doodle art” Colouring Competition was conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery. The little ones enjoyed this session where they were able to showcase their choice of colours and exhibit their creativity. It was a pleasure to watch these tiny tots working with such ease with colours. Each and every child participated passionately in the competition.

My Yummy Basket – 29th September 2022

“Fruits and vegetables are good to eat, they taste so well and make a healthy treat.”

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any balanced diet because they bring so much to the table in terms of nutritional value. To educate students about healthy food choices and the important part that fruits and vegetables play in daily diet to keep us fit and healthy, DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar, conducted an activity “My Yummy Basket” for the students of class Nursery. In this activity, children prepared their own fruits and vegetable basket which was very helpful to teach the children to identify different fruits and vegetables and also the health benefits of eating different types of fruits and vegetables gifted by nature. The students also understood the basic techniques like washing, chopping, mixing, and sautéing of vegetables.

Magic of Music – 27th September 2022

‘’Music is the strongest form of magic.’’

Music ignites all areas of child development including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Exposure to music at an early age helps students learn sound and speak more clearly.

Little Dipsites of class Nursery presented a morning assembly on the topic ‘Magic of Music’ which portrayed the importance of music in the holistic development of the child through theme talk, dance and musical treat to the ears. The children enjoyed and learned this new concept with happiness and enthusiasm.

Cactus Pet Rocks – 23rd September 2022

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar always gives the effective learning environment which caters to the need of each individual learner. In order to meet the learning goals, ‘Cactus Pet Rocks’ an activity was organised for the students of class Prep, under the theme Plants and Seasons. This fun activity allowed all learners to perceive and organise information according to their own unique and preferred way.

Graduation Ceremony
Prepites of DPS Kolar graduate!
The graduation ceremony for thee young prepites was conducted on Friday, 4th March 2022.
This ceremony was conducted to felicitate the toddler graduates to primary with the feel of stepping ahead a significant phase of school life. The program began with the prayer dance presented by the students of class II. The most awaited moment was the graduation ceremony. It was immensely joyous to see the little ones walking, adorned in traditional convocation gowns and caps. Their smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as they received scrolls of merit on the Dias. It was indeed heartwarming to see teary eyed parents as they watched their little angels transform into butterflies ready to fly.
Madam Principal Ms Vandana Dhupar in her welcome address expressed her gratitude to the parents and acknowledged them as active ingredients in nurturing the young talents. She also appreciated the student anchors who compered the show with unabated confidence and displayed their exceptional oratory skills. A befitting welcome dance by the students of class 1 left everyone spellbound as they danced to the tunes of vibrant music with highly coordinated movements. The Chief Guest Ms Sonam Chhatwani in her convocation address complimented the graduates on their achievements. She also congratulated the teachers for their dedication and hard work in shaping the students through education and other co-curricular activities.