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Open House – 29th April 2023

Open Houses are a vital part of school functioning. It is important for parents to meet with the people responsible for their child’s learning needs. The holistic development of a child is dependent on the hard work of students, parents, and teachers. Such teamwork helps the students navigate through the challenges of their studies. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted its first Open House for classes Pre-Nursery to Prep on Saturday, April 29, 2023. It was a great opportunity to expand the communication channel between the teachers and parents and give them a forum to exchange observations on the students. Teachers gave a detailed overview about the performance of the students in academics, their weak areas, and the strategies followed to improve their performance. Parents also shared their feedback on the teaching methods and the overall learning environment of the school. The parents and teachers both agreed that the meeting was productive and provided an excellent platform to discuss the progress of the students.

Summer Fest – 28th April 2023

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated the annual Summer Fest for the students of classes Pre-Nursery to II with great enthusiasm and excitement on April 28, 2023. The entire campus was decorated to mark the festivity. The day began with the fashion show, where students from different grades showcased their creative designs and strutted down the ramp. The show was met with great applause from the audience. Another attraction was the beach play, where students participated in various activities such as water balloon fights and sandcastle building. The highlight of the day was the rain dance, which was filled with enthusiastic energy. It was a perfect way to beat the summer heat, and the students grooved to their favourite numbers. Madam Academic Coordinator addressed the students and informed them the importance of the summer celebration as well as the best ways to utilize their vacation with their family. The day ended with refreshing summer treats such as ice cream and soft drinks. It was a memorable day for all the students, who enjoyed the fun and frolic of the summer festival.

Musical Rainbow – 27th April 2023

“Each colour has a unique feature but together they make a beautiful rainbow.”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar organised a colourful activity, “Musical Rainbow,” on Thursday, April 27, 2023, for the students of class Nursery to promote imagination and foster the sense of colours and creativity in little ones. Young Dipsites enjoyed the activity and recited poems about colours and spoke about their favourite colour. It was a great learning opportunity for children to enhance their visual perception and creativity.

Once Upon a Time – 27th April 2023

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”

The importance of books in our lives cannot be undermined, as they help broaden our horizons and also act as doorways to connecting us with the world around us. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted ‘ONCE UPON A TIME’, a competition for the students of class Prep to celebrate and encourage the love of reading among them. The day proved to be an opportunity for children to share thoughts about their favourite books and also to bring beloved characters from treasured stories to life. It also provided a platform for students to showcase their reading and presentation skills. The competition was a wonderful way to promote a love of books and reading among the students. The students had a great time, and the competition was an all-round success.

Discovery Table – 26th April 2023

Experiential learning plays an important role in teaching and learning as it allows children to learn through their own direct experiences rather than simply receiving information. On April 26, the young Prepites participated in an activity called “Discovery to Perci Table” to gain first-hand knowledge of how our sense organs allow us to perceive our surroundings. It was amazing to see how the children were curious and engaged in exploring their senses in a fun and interactive way. It was a great learning experience for the little ones.

My Favourite Food– 24th April 2023

“A sound exterior begins with a healthy interior.”

The students of class Pre-Nursery had a great time celebrating “My Favourite Food” Day. Each student brought in their favourite food item and shared it with the class. They were excited to show off their favourites and talk about why they liked it. Their teacher provided them with some advice on choosing nutritious foods, developing good eating habits, and using proper table manners. It was a fun and educational day for all!

Listen n Draw – 24th April 2023

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an activity ” Listen and Draw” for the students of class nursery on Monday, 24th April 2023 to make them learn how to follow directions, pay attention to detail and use their imagination to create a picture.  Every child enjoyed the activity and proficiently captured their imaginations on paper.

Rainbow Treat – 21st April 2023

“Children love to play with colours.”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar organised a Colouring Competition ” Rainbow Treat” for the students of class nursery on Friday, 21st April 2023. The main objective of the competition was to help the students improve their fine motor skills, awaken their creative side, and spark their imaginations. The little artists participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. They selected the colours of their choice and were able to showcase their imaginative, artistic, and colouring abilities.

EID Celebration – 21st April 2023

Eid, the festival that upholds the spirit of love and brotherhood, was celebrated by DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar on Friday, April 21, 2023. The assembly began with a special prayer, followed by thought and a theme talk. Madam Principal, Ms. Vandana Dhupar addressed the assembly and spoke about the importance of Eid and its significance. She highlighted the importance of the occasion and requested that all the students should follow the traditions and customs of the festival. The entire assembly was conducted with great enthusiasm. Moreover, special performances were organised by the students, such as enactment, qawwali, song, and dance, which filled the atmosphere with happiness and love. The assembly concluded with the distribution of sweets among the students. The little ones enjoyed their day with full exhilaration and delight.

Colouring Competition – 20th April 2023

Colouring is a huge aspect of childhood and adolescence. It increases grip precision, visual perception abilities, hand strength, and self-confidence. Considering the numerous benefits, a colouring competition was organised for the students of class Prep on Thursday, 20.4.2023. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and displayed their talent. It aided them in developing their creativity, sense of colour, and ability to explore new concepts.

Shape week – 17th to 20th April 2023

“Shapes are all around us!”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted Shape Week for the students of class nursery to develop their ability to identify shapes and enable them to be more in tune with the world around them. Different activities like potato printing, Olympic circles, triangular fish, shape patterns, and shape walks were conducted simultaneously. Children recited rhymes and brought food and objects related to specific shapes. The whole week was fun for the students and filled with productive activities.

Inside Out – 19th April 2023

Our connection to a strong sense of self grows as we learn more about our body. On April 19, 2023, DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an activity called INSIDE OUT for the students of class Prep. The concept was introduced keeping in mind their level of understanding in a playful way. The students gained a better understanding of how different organs work together to maintain a healthy and strong body. Overall, it was an engaging and informative activity.

My Handprint, footprint – 18th April 2023

“Leaving prints of kindness wherever we go………”

Handprint and footprint art is an adorable way to mark a moment in time. The second day of ‘All about me week’ witnessed ‘My Hand Print and My Foot Print, an activity conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery. The main objective of the activity was to make them understand that we are all different, unique, and special in our own ways. The students were excited to get creative and make their own art with the help of paint and paper. This activity was a great way for the students to express their creativity and have fun. It also helped them learn about colours, shapes, and techniques. It was a successful activity that the students and teachers enjoyed.

My Thumbprint – 16th April 2023

“I am unique as my thumbprint…….”

The tiny tots of class Pre-Nursey took their first step towards the creative and fun learning process by indulging into ‘My Thumbprint’ activity. All the students were super excited to be a part of this activity as it gave them a chance to create their identity, leave traces, and have fun while learning!!

Family Forever Activity – 12th April 2023

“Family is like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots are same as one.”

The family is an important institution that plays a central role in the lives of all human being. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an exciting activity “Family Forever” for the students of class Prep, in order to inculcate the feeling of togetherness and to teach them the important family values. The activity was all about making a family tree which is the best way to teach children the concept of family. The students enjoyed the activity, eagerly discussing their family histories and exploring the ways in which their families have grown. They learned about their various family members and their unique stories.  The activity provided a great opportunity for them to connect to their family roots. The students were excited to share their family trees with their classmates and teachers, and the activity served as a great way to learn more about their own family histories and those of their peers. It was an engaging and meaningful activity that the Prep students thoroughly enjoyed.

Magic of Red – 12th April 2023

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated ‘Red Colour Day’ with great enthusiasm and joy for the students of class Pre- Nursery. The students were dressed in red from head to toe as they arrived in the school. They were welcomed with red balloons and delicious red snacks. The shades of red made the tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful. The day was a great success and the students left the school with lots of memories and a big smile on their faces.

White day – 10th April 2023

White symbolizes brightness, virtue, innocence, and purity. On April 10, 2023, DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar observed White Day to introduce the idea of white to the students of classes Pre-Nursery and Nursery. The day revolved around the colours of purity and perfection. The children wore white clothes, brought white objects, and did various activities such as salt painting and cotton gluing. All day long, the vibe was incredibly serene. All the children participated in the activity, and it was a moment of great joy for them.

Welcome Assembly – Bonjour – 05th April 2023

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted welcome assembly ‘Bonjour’ on 05th April 2023 to welcome the students for another happy, chirpy and a peppy new session.

The assembly commenced with the prayer followed by scripture and thought for the day, infusing an aura of positivity. A motivational, fun filled skit was performed to teach the students about team work, unity and determination. A mellifluous welcome song and a splendid dance performance was presented by the teachers to encourage the students for the upcoming session. The students enjoyed different acts performed by their teachers that kept them captivated and enthralled throughout the assembly. Children were thrilled watching their teachers on the stage which was clearly visible on their faces.

Academic Coordinator, Ms. Anuragini Shadangule applauded the efforts of teachers in putting up a spectacular assembly. She also wished tiny tots an accomplished and knowledge-filled academic year ahead.

Ice breaking Activity – 04th April 2023

First day of school!  It’s the most wonderful time of year. Students of class Prep, of DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar, enjoyed their first day of school with, an “Ice-breaking” activity where the children had to choose different ways to greet their classmates.

The children were asked to stand in a line and take turns introducing themselves, followed by a unique greeting to their classmates. The activity encouraged the children to step out of their comfort zones and interact with their peers in a fun and friendly manner. The kids showed great enthusiasm and creativity in coming up with a different way of greeting.

Overall, the activity was a great success and helped the children bond with each other right from the start of the school year.

Carnival Brings Out The Child in Everyone – 19th March 2023

In the words of John C Maxwell. “Enjoyment is an incredible energiser to the human spirit”.

‘A day with Superheroes’ one of its kind in the city was organised at DPS Kolar Campus on 19th March 2023 to create happy moments and bring smiles and laughter in kids.

Shri Hari Mohan Guptaji, Chairman, Jagran Social Welfare Society, Bhopal, Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal & Pro Vice Chairman, Delhi Public School Bhopal-Indore-Kolar Road-Rau and Shri Abhishek Mohan Guptaji, Pro Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, Joint Secretary, Jagran Social Welfare Society motivated the students with their presence.

Orientation Programme – 18th March 2023

“The foundation for good parent teacher relationship is, frequent and open communication, mutual respect and a clear understanding of what is best for each individual child.”

School, teachers, and parents play vital roles in the holistic development of a child. Parents and teachers both have an immense contribution and responsibility in shaping a child’s personality. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an Orientation Program ‘Freshenza’ for the parents of Classes Pre-Nursery to Prep, with a goal to ensure a positive atmosphere for learning as well as building up a healthy relationship between the parents, teachers, and students. The class teachers apprised the parents with the learning procedures and school philosophy. The parents were also briefed about the functioning of the school, the academic framework, the assessment pattern, co-scholastic activities, etc. The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents identify suitable follow-up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children. Overall, it was a fruitful meeting, and the parents were in high spirits after attending the orientation programme.

It was a  vibrant colourful evening which saw the participation of parents, teachers and people of all ages. The kids met their superheroes and discovered their unique powers and explored different activities like Bounty Castle, Obstacle Course, Bunjee, Sack race, Printed games Power Pins super Rodeo, Heroic heights and many more. The school grounds pulsated with scintillating music and a lively crowd. A very special segment catering to the kids’ interest included various rides and games stalls, art craft corners, face painting. Flea market stalls were set up along with an aromatic food court which showcased the cooking expertise of many parents. The three Musical Bingo stage was set on fire by performances of students, parents and teachers. Heena, tattoo, 360-degree Selfie, and Green screen photo booth were added attractions. An array of edible delights, raffle draw and exciting prizes ensured an unforgettable time with near and dear ones. The carnival had something in store for everybody, be it, children or adults.

There were several surprise events anchored by RJ Ms Pinky which kept the atmosphere alive. The all-inclusive event spanning over the day was bursting with fun, games, merry-making activities and exciting prizes for all age groups. The event was witnessed by over 3,000 people (students and their families) from across the city.

The Principal, Ms. Vandana Dhupar, along with her team actively took part in the festivities and enjoyed with the students.

The zest and zeal exhibited by an enthusiastic crowd of visitors and participants made ‘A day with Superheroes’ memorable.

Graduation Day – 4th March 2023

“Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning.”

Celebrating milestones provide good memories that one can keep forever. The Graduation Day for the Prep students of DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar reverberated these words as it was an exciting milestone and the first step towards their formal schooling.   Graduation Day with the theme– “The Effulgence- let your little light shine”, was conducted to applaud the young enthusiastic learners of class Prep for their commendable performance in the session 2022-23 on 4th of March,2023.

The celebration commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony to evoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati followed by a Prayer Dance- ‘Ray of Light’. The occasion was graced by Dr. Shrikant Trivedi, Senior consultant Psychiatrist, as Chief Guest. The gathering was addressed by Madam Principal Ms. Vandana Dhupar, highlighting the vision of the school and role of parents and teachers in the students’ learning process.

The graceful dancers of class Nursery gave a bewitching performance to say bye- bye and wished good luck to their seniors. The felicitation of the delighted Radiating Prepites, decked out in Graduation robes and capes strode the stage. Effulgent students were felicitated with graduation certificates.  The tiny tots left everybody spell bound as they sang melodious welcome song and danced on tunes of some vibrant music   displaying breath taking shinning colours with coordinated movements that also set the tone and mood of the atmosphere at an all-time. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering and stressed on the importance of being patient and receptive with their children. The programme culminated with the Vote of Thanks by the Head Boy of classes 1 & 2. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones and their parents.

Story Sac – 10th February 2023

“A story can imbibe the right value in the most impressionable age”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted  ‘Story Sac’ a storytelling activity for the students of class Nursery as part of our quest to inspire learning and promote academic performance. The students participated with tremendous effort to make this event a successful one. They came dressed up as their favourite story character and narrated a story with voice modulation and creative gestures. It was an extremely engaging session where the young students were encouraged to think creatively.

Florarium – 7th February 2023

“Bloom where you are planted”

The spring season is the ideal time to prepare your garden with a variety of bright blooms that can add a major personality to your space. Encouraging young children to make a small garden is a fun addition to the nature theme, and it’s a great way for kids to learn how to take care of plants. With the goal of instilling a sense of responsibility and belonging to nature in children, DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted a “Florarium” activity for the students of class nursery.  Students were extremely diligent and enthusiastic as they participated in the activities.

My Garden of Shapes – 03rd February 2023

“The study of shapes is a skill, not a subject.”

Learning about shapes aids in the identification and organisation of visual information as well as the acquisition of abilities in reading, Math, and Science. DPS Kolar conducted “My Garden of Shapes” activity for the students of Class 1, in which they were engrossed in creating a beautiful garden out of various shapes. This educational activity aimed at helping our children to reinforce the basic properties of simple and geometrical figures was fruitful and a huge success.

Properties of Air Experiment – 31st January 2023

“Science is magic that works.”

Intending to cultivate scientific temperament and attitude among the children, Delhi Public School, Kolar organised an experiential learning session based on ‘Properties of Air’ for the students of class I.  Children were amazed by various scientific tricks shown to them and the experiments which they conducted under the supervision of their teachers. The objective was to nurture students’ intellectual ability, critical thinking skills, and to boost their confidence.

Future Modeller – 30th January 2023

“The important thing in life is to have a great aim and the determination to attain it”

Community helper theme offers children a practical approach to discover the helpers in their town, city, and nation and to respect the work they do. In light of this, a competition called “Future Modeler” was organized for the students of class Nursery, in which children dressed up as various community helpers shared their contributions and services to society. This also helped in enhancing their public speaking skills. It was an enriching and very enjoyable experience for the students, and it also gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.

Recycle Station – 24th January 2023

“Recycle today for a better tomorrow.”

Recycling is an important life skill to nurture from a young age as it is a great way to educate children about the environment, help them stay connected with nature and become responsible citizen. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted Recycling Station activity for the students of class nursery where children placed organic matter such as leaves, fruits and vegetable scraps into a compost pit. They were briefed about the dumping area of this waste, how it decomposes and produces a valuable soil supplement. Children had a lot of fun while doing the activity.

Ten little helpers – 20th January 2023

“Ten Little Helpers………”

Children gain an understanding of belonging to the community by learning about community helpers. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an activity called “Ten Little Helpers” for the students of class Prep. In this activity, students came dressed up as their favourite community helpers and discussed the assistance they provide. The main objective was to instil in our young children the value of hard work and help them understand and appreciate the contributions of these volunteers in the community.

My first aid kit – 18th January 2023

“Kids enjoy the most when they enact the role of a doctor.”

Community Helper activities and lessons encourage the students to think more closely and appreciate all of the people in their community who work to keep them safe, healthy, well-fed, and educated! With the objective of teaching our students of class Pre-Nursery about the different “tools” used by a doctor, ‘My First Aid Kit’ activity was conducted. The young learners were very excited to know about various Doctors & their tools. It was very informative activity where they learned new vocabulary and children also made their own first-aid box. In all it was a fun filled activity full of learning.

Kai Po Che – 13th January 2023

“Festivals offer great opportunities to absorb the positive energy and true ideologies related to them.”

Makar Sankranti is believed to mark the arrival of spring in India. It is celebrated in almost all parts of the country in myriad cultural forms, with great devotion, fervor, and gaiety. A special assembly ‘Kai Po Che’ was conducted by the students of class Prep to celebrate the festival. Students were dressed in traditional clothes and spoke on the significance of the harvest festivals in various states of India. The foot-tapping dance performance by the little ones mesmerized everyone. The mood was upbeat and the children were actively immersed in the festive spirit. All the students of classes Pre-Nursery to II witnessed this informative assembly which enabled the students to understand the importance of how and why the festival is celebrated. The students celebrated this joyous occasion with great enthusiasm.

Christmas Celebration – 23rd December 2022

“Snowflakes and jingles, reindeers and cakes;
Get ready everyone, it’s time to celebrate”

Christmas is an excellent time to spread warmth, joy, and love. The students of DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated the festival of peace and love on 23rd December 2022. The entire zone was decorated with bells, star streamers and a beautiful Christmas tree. The celebration kick started with explaining the significance of the festival to the students through the Christmas story on the birth of ‘The Saviour, Jesus Christ’. Christmas and Carols go hand in hand. To give a full feel of the festival, the Dipsites vocalized mellifluous carols and set the stage on fire by dancing to the tunes of “Wish you a Merry Christmas” song. The children spread cheer with their brilliant acting skills, smiles, and lovely attires. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival with Santa Claus was evident on the faces of all the students. Academic coordinator Mrs. Anuragini Shadangule expressed her delight in witnessing such enthusiasm among children. She wished everyone a very happy Christmas and also gave a short motivational speech. The celebration concluded on a joyful note with festive spirit and invincible excitement amongst the students.

I spy my Space – 23rd December 2022

“Every day is an opportunity to learn something new!”

Activities that focus on the Solar System are crucial for educating the students about the Sun and the planets that revolve around it. To give more information about planets an activity “I Spy My Space” was conducted for the students of class Prep. Through this activity, students learned the concept of planetary orbits and how the planets in our solar system orbit the sun. During this activity, students learned the order of the planets, the colours of the planets, how to identify the planets, and their names. It was a great learning experience for our little Prepites.

Zero Waste Tenet – 22nd December 2022

“Love your environment & be proud of it!”

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the three most effective R’s. 3R practice is a fundamental element in the waste management hierarchy. This practice plays an important role in reducing waste and minimizing negative environmental impact. In order to teach the young generation how to control and minimize waste effectively, a competition ZERO WASTE TENET was conducted for the student of class prep. The competition inspired children to make our planet a zero-waste planet by reusing existing resources and reducing wasteful spending.

Auto Expo 22 Competition – 22nd December 2022

“Vroom, vroom! Zoom, zoom! Grease your wheels,
start your engines, and get ready to roll.”

Transportation is what most people use in a city, another state, or even another country. Vehicles and transportation are often the focus of interest for young children. A competition ‘Auto Expo 22’ was held for the students of the class nursery where they got a chance to know more about different kinds of cars, and the little ones exhibited their toy cars. The children were very curious and excited while demonstrating the means of transportation. They also learned about traffic lights, safety measures while driving, and various emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks, etc. The day was full of fun and experiential learning.

Car Wash – 20th December 2022

“Wash, Wash, Wash the cars
To make them nice and clean!”

Children love being outdoors, running around, and finding ways to play with water. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar organized a Car wash activity for the students of class Pre-Nursery, which proved to be a great way to get children involved in natural play with water. Through group interaction, experimentation, and the completion of practical tasks related to a particular learning objective, the activity assisted the tiny tots in learning new things. Children enjoyed practically washing the toy car with a sponge and soapy water and they also wiped it after washing it. It was a day full of learning and enjoyment.

Tyre Messy Fun – 19th December 2022

“Art is a sense of magic”

Splashing in the mud with cars is a great way to integrate art into the classroom and engage little ones in a creative experience.  ‘Tyre messy fun’, a fun-filled activity was conducted for the tiny tots of class Pre-nursery wherein students enjoyed running their favourite toy cars into the mud and then creating artistic designs on the canvas.  It was hard for students to resist playing with mud and cars.  The children loved the activity and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Road Code – 19th December 2022

“Know Safety No Pain, No Safety Know Pain”

Following road safety rules today is very important, and children learn formal road safety education in an educational environment. It plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children so that they become responsible drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers in the future. A fun activity “Road Codes” was conducted for the students of class nursery with the aim of providing students with knowledge about traffic lights, safety rules, and different road signals.  Children were informed about the general rules of the road, traffic signs, walking in crosswalks, driving in lanes, etc.

All students were very enthusiastic throughout the activity and enjoyed driving the cars, and cycling on the traffic path while following the traffic rules.

Animal Puppet – 16th December 2022

“Puppets are fun for little ones.”

Children are constantly curious about animals, therefore it’s important to educate them about their lives and appearance. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar, conducted an Animal Puppet making activity for the students of class Prep, explaining animal life and their appearance. They created adorable miniature animal puppets during this activity. Students got the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics, hues, and sounds of several animals. They were also engaged in singing an animal song, which they found to be very enjoyable. The children were very excited and engrossed in the activity.

Across the Globe – 16th December 2022

Children can better understand the world around them by learning about the various continents and oceans. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted an activity called “Across the Globe” for the students of class prep as a part of their ongoing theme. Children gained a deeper grasp of the topic through this practical learning time, which also gave them some important facts about each continent and showed where they were on a map. The main objective of the activity was to familiarise students with the idea of a globe and demonstrate how to easily and amusingly locate the continents and oceans on it.

Pat a cake – 13th December 2022

“Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man Bake me a cake as fast as you can!”

Baking is a fun activity that children of all ages can enjoy. They learn the concept of measuring, mixing ingredients, and the benefits of following directions. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted “Pat a Cake” activity for the students of classes Pre-nursery and Nursery where tiny tots were introduced to a community helper ‘Baker man’. Initially, a demonstration was given to the children about the equipment used by a baker and then they enjoyed making a yummy cake. This lip-smacking activity also gave them an inimitable experience of making, baking, and decorating the cake. The young bakers appeared to be incredibly passionate, adorable, and self-assured.

Aquatic Adventure – 1st December 2022

“As long as there are people who care, we can and will make a difference.”

Oceans are home to numerous aquatic animals. To acquaint our young learners with the life inside water, a very interesting activity called “Aquatic Adventure” was conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery. It was a group activity wherein they created an ocean scene on the chart paper by cotton dabbing. They also pasted cut-outs of different animals, like fish, crabs, crocodiles, starfish, octopuses, etc., to make the scene look more realistic. It helped enhance their vocabulary and motor skills. They were also informed about some interesting facts of marine animals. This fun-filled activity was indeed a great learning experience for our tiny tots.

Razzle Dazzle – 28th November 2022

“Animals are some of the greatest companions in our lives.”

‘Razzle Dazzle’, a fancy dress competition was organized for the students of class nursery where children came dressed up as their favourite animal and walk the ramp. They enjoyed making animal sounds and singing rhymes on animal. All the children were enthusiastic and participated whole heartedly in the competition. It was an informative and exciting day for them.

Ice age – 25th November 2022

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar is a firm believer in educating pupils about animals and climatic change at a young age. An activity called “Ice Age” was conducted for the students of the nursery class to raise awareness about the well-being of animals and to save them from extinction. Tiny tots were super excited to learn about the Ice Age and saving animals.

Wishy Washy Mud Animals – 22nd November 2022

“Sensory play is the key to happy, engaged kids.”

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar conducted Wishy-washy mud animals activity for the students of class Pre-nursery. This activity helped the tiny tots comfortably use their sense of touch while honing and strengthening their fine motor skills. Children scrubbed the creatures clean with their hands, dried them using wipes, and then worked again to remove the remaining muck. They all enjoyed the activity a lot.

Dukes n Dolls – 20th November 2022

Childhood; A part of life that creates beautiful memories.

Dukes & Dolls-Baby Show Celebrating Childhood………was organized by Delhi Public School Kolar Road on 20th November 2022 which showcased the hidden talents of the young lively participants. The program began with the welcome address by the Academic Coordinator Ms. Anuragini Shadangule in which she warmly welcomed the judges Dr. Amit Agarwal, Director and Pediatrician Matratva Hospital, Dr. Swati Akash Jain Director/Principal Kidzee, Ms. Pooja Shukla, Branch Head Bachpan Pre School and the audience for being a part of the event. The young Dipsites presented prayer dance and action song leaving the audience spellbound. Tiny tots and parents across the city participated in the show. Kids from 2 to 5 years sashayed down the ramp at the show setting it on fire in their lively and exuberant performances. There were many exciting and fun-loving titles for the babies at the show.

Children, who participated, were given the titles ofBaby with Twinkling Eyes, Best Dressed Baby, Picture Perfect Baby, Baby with Chubby Cheeks, Ultimate Superstar, Mr. Handsome, Ms. Gorgeous, and Most Active Baby. The show had a variety of activities for the kids to enjoy with. The main attraction of the event was the “Baby Ramp Walk”, where surprise goody bags, trophies, and certificates were given to the participants. The other highlights of the event were Train Ride, Swings, Food Zones, Game Zones, and many more in which the winners were given attractive prizes. A fruitful session by Dr. Amit Agarwal was conducted in which he guided parents on a child’s healthy upbringing. The program ended with bounteous words of gratitude expressed by Ms. Vandana Dhupar, Principal of Delhi Public School Kolar Road Bhopal. The arena was filled with abundance of happiness and joy for the little ones.

Feed with Care – 17th November 2022

We don’t feed the birds because they need us, we feed the birds because we need them.

As the birds are a part of nature and so feeding them means feeding nature. “Feed with care” activity was conducted for the students of class Prep where they made cute little bird feeder. It was an experiential learning for the students as well as a good habit to love and feed animals.

Shearing a sheep – 16th November 2022

Children love activities that provide opportunities for exploration and learning. Sheep Shearing Sensory Activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to learn, have fun, take care of and do sensory activity. Students of class Pre-nursery enjoyed “Shearing a sheep” activity on Wednesday, 16.11.22. The little ones enthusiastically participated  in the activity which was an amazing experience for them as they learned through a realistic and play way approach

Children’s Day Celebration – 14th November 2022

Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Children’s Day was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm by the children and teachers of DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar Road, on Monday 14th November 2022. The teachers made the occasion memorable for the students with a special assembly where children got the opportunity to see their teachers in different roles. The children were treated to a melodious medley of songs, action songs, and playing riddles, followed by a colourful dance performance by their teachers. The entire programme was put together with the motive of entertaining the kids. The children had an awesome celebration and a wonderful day at school.

Animal Rescue Station – 11th November 2022

“Those who protect and save animals, lead the way in protecting humanity and earth.”

All the students of class Pre-nursery enthusiastically participated in the Animal Rescue Station activity, which was designed to educate our students about animal rescue and how to save animals from extinction. The little ones were super excited to learn how to save, imagining the animals that were trapped in a cage and all they have to do is to rescue them. This activity helped to promote their fine motor skills, colour recognition, early mathematics, adherence to guidelines, development of language with animal facts, and instilling a deep sense of love and empathy for animals.

Go,Go Yoga – 10th November 2022

Yoga: A group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which are originated in ancient India. It is proved to be highly beneficial for the young students as it strengthens their growing body and improves their flexibility. It also helps them to improve memory and cognitive functions by creating focus within; as practicing yoga requires concentration of both mind and body. In accordance to the   ongoing theme of Animals, an activity “Go, Go Yoga” was conducted for the students of Class Prep, wherein young Dipsites enjoyed posing various animal postures. It was fun watching the children in various animal poses like the Giraffe pose, the Cat pose, the dog pose, etc. Yoga poses helped children learn about their bodies and the movements they are capable of doing. It was an activity full of fun and learning.

Tweety Treat – 09th November 2022

“Birds are the beautiful and bright jewels of the sky.”

Birds are amongst the best creation of nature and feeding this small creature is considered a noble act. Feeding the birds in your outdoor space is great fun, and it also offers lots of different learning opportunities. It also attracts a wide variety of species flocking to your garden. “Tweet Treat” a bird feeding activity was conducted for students of class nursery where toddlers spent the day learning about bird food and feeding the birds. They made some simple bird feeders and filled the feeders with grains to hang on the tree. This activity encouraged the children both to learn about garden birds and take pride in helping them to survive.

Guru Nanak Jayanti assembly – 07th November 2022

Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated on Guru Nanak Sahib’s birthday with great enthusiasm in India. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated the birthday of Sikh Guru Nanak Dev Ji ‘Gurpurab’ on Monday 7th November 2022 with great excitement and fervour. This day began with a well-planned special assembly consisting of special prayer, scripture, thought of the day, and theme talk. Students from Pre-Nursery to prep came dressed in traditional Sikh attire and demonstrated the customary “Prabhat Pheri”. The students highlighted the teachings of the Guru Nanak Dev Ji on this special day. All the participants gave captivating performances. Tiny tots also enjoyed the scrumptious Langar. Academic Coordinator Ms. Anuragini Shadangule appreciated the performances of the young Dipsites and wished all the students and teachers Happy Gurunanak Jayanti. The entire day was full of festivity and devotion.

Educational Excursion – 04th November 2022

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.”

Delhi Public School, Kolar Road believes that in maintaining communal harmony and respect, it is very important for children to understand about the different religions and culture. The school organised an educational excursion to Gurudwara for the students of classes Prep to II, within the school hours. The purpose of the tour was to make the students understand about different religions and cultures and the beauty of “Unity in diversity” of our country. The tiny tots were very excited about this new experience. They followed the procedure and accordingly covered their heads, washed their hands and feet before entering the Gurudwara. They paid their due respect to the holy book –‘Guru Granth Sahib’ , said a small prayer and also relished ‘Kada Prasad’. This enriching experience not only nurtured and nourished students with divine connection but also trained them in a suitable behaviour and etiquettes of visiting a holy place.

Milking the cow – 04th November 2022

Children learn a lot about themselves and the world around them while experiencing the process firsthand. Students of class Pre-nursery explored and learned about the animals which give us milk by “Milking a Cow Activity”. They milked the model of a cow and simultaneously were made aware of the various body parts of a cow. The children enjoyed the activity a lot which was also helpful in developing their fine motor skills and bilateral coordination.

Leading together Stronger together – 31st October 2022

“Leading together……… Stronger Together”

Seminars, workshops and conferences are an excellent platform to address some academic issues/challenges/problems/ doubts etc. that support the stake holders to get deeper understanding on subjects and concepts. In connection with the same thought, Delhi Public School Kolar Road conducted a workshop on 31st October on the Topic “The Inspired Classroom”. The key note address was delivered by Ms. Manisha Anand. The suggestions provided by the resource person were taken in by the participants enthusiastically. It was an enriching & fruitful session which benefitted all the participants.

Halloween Celebration – 31st October 2022

“Halloween is the best time of the year to make fun crafts”

Halloween – a significant celebration that is observed around the world on the 31st of October every year. DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar celebrated ‘Halloween Day’ to impart this ritual practice to the students of classes Pre-nursery to Prep. All the students came dressed up in spooky costumes like witches’ warlocks, gnomes; trolls, and other storybook characters. On this special day, various fun activities were conducted to provide children with frightful fun. The students of class Pre-nursery did the activity “inch-wincey” wherein they learned the incy-wincey to turn their treat into a Spooky Treat. The students of class nursery enjoyed making little ghosts 👻 with cotton balls and created Halloween stories to scare each other. Students of Class Prep made scary ghost puppets.  The entire zone was transformed into a scary land for the children to soak in the Halloween spirit. In all, it was a fun-filled day for children as they enjoyed this day by scaring each other and got the opportunity to understand what Halloween is all about!

Festival greetings – 21st October 2022

“The best time to make new connections are festivals”

Festival Season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. Festival greetings to near and dear ones is a kind and thoughtful gesture that is appreciated by everyone. In order to celebrate the feeling of love, respect and belongingness, a festival greeting card making competition was conducted for the students of class Prep. It was a wonderful sight to witness the creation of children, who with their nimble fingers, weaved magic on paper.

Meteorological Channel – 21st October 2022

Weather conditions affect us every day. Knowledge  about the weather and different weather patterns is important for students. “Meteorological Channel”, an activity was conducted for the students of class Nursery with the objective of making students aware of the weather in tune with nature. In this activity students made a weather wheel included sunny, rainy, windy, snowy, cloudy, stormy, foggy, humid weather. They also learned the basic weather terminology and weather prediction.

Triumph of Light – 21st October 2022

“It’s time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge instead.”

On this auspicious occasion ‘Diwali Mela’ came alive at DPS Castle of Dreams, Kolar Road. A series of activities were planned to make their day full of enjoyment. Eye catching vibrant stalls were the centre of attraction for all. The entire castle wore a festive look. Students dressed-up in colourful traditional outfits, enjoyed the mela and went home happily with tiny little goodie bags gifted to them as a Diwali Gift.

Cultural Exchange – 21st October 2022

“Each culture carries an incredibly rich palette of colors and gorgeous patterns represented in their traditional.”

Festivals are the celebration of the traditions of a particular people or place. The sole purpose of festivals  is  to celebrate glorious heritage, culture, traditions and to rejoice special moments with our loved ones.

Students of class Prep enjoyed the festivity with an excellent “CULTURAL EXCHANGE” activity. Young Prepsites dressed up in their cultural outfit, shared their traditional food items with each other. Students enjoyed the activity and together they celebrated the diversity of the country on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Les Fruits – 20th October 2022

Fruit is nature’s candy. With an objective to educate children about the recognition of different fruits and their importance in regular diet, ‘Les Fruit’ an activity was organised for the tiny tots of Pre-Nursery. The project was helpful in teaching children the health benefits of consuming fruit. The teachers discussed peeling and cutting of fruits. Another area where the activity focussed was the enhancement of each little learner’s vocabulary with words like washing, peeling, cutting, picking, etc. The students and the teachers singing the fruit rhyme with great zest, and enjoying the moments of joy while working together for the special event made it a memorable day for all. Let’s catch a glimpse of the action.

Wishy washy of fruits and vegetables – 19th October 2022

“Fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy life.”

Vegetables and Fruits keep us healthy and strong. Washing fruits and vegetables can be a fun way of learning different vocabularies, numeracy concepts and thinking skills.

“Wishy washy” activity was conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery wherein the tiny tots of Pre-Nursery learned to wash and clean the fruits and vegetables. They were also explained about the importance of eating clean fruits and vegetables. All the students enjoyed the activity a lot.

Fruit Rocks – 19th October 2022

“Fruits make you strong, better and perfect”

Fruits form an important part in our daily diet. Fruit decoration is an artistic way of presenting and encouraging people to eat healthy and stay healthy. A competition “# Fruit Rocks” was conducted for the students of class Nursery wherein students prepared different designs and patterns with fruits. The objective of the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food in our regular diet for maintaining good health. Participants creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed using different colourful fruits.

Eat healthy stay strong – 18th October 2022

“Eat Healthy Stay strong”

Fruit chat making activity was conducted for the tiny tots of class Pre-nursery on 18th October ’22. The purpose of this activity was to strengthen the identification of fruits and a discussion on Fruits. The teacher demonstrated the steps of making healthy fruit chat. The teacher involved them in making fruit chat by using fruit pieces, chat masala, sugar and salt to taste.

The activity also focused on enhancement of the child ‘s vocabulary with words like washing, peeling, cutting, chopping, mixing and sprinkling. The toddlers relished the yummy fruit chat.

Dawn to Dusk – 17th October 2022

“The night is just a part of the day”

DPS COD Kolar introduced the basic concept of day and night to the students of class Nursery through an interactive activity ‘Dawn to Dusk’ In this activity students shared their thoughts on how the sky looks different during the daytime and night time. Students also discussed the routine to be followed during the day and night time.

Tiny tots enjoyed the activity by making agamograph for day and night.

A way to brighten – 13th October 2022

“Celebrating light, hope and goodness around the world”

Festival of lights is around the corner. It marks a special time of celebrations, fun and fervour. A major part of the celebration includes lighting diyas or lanterns with the hope of replacing darkness with light, and happiness. To give a feel of festivity to the students of class Prep an activity, “A way to brighten” was conducted. Students enjoyed making vibrant and colourful lamp and enthusiastically decorated their house with these lanterns.

My Own Calendar – 10th October 2022

A good way to remember special dates is to use a calendar.  Learning to read a calendar is an important math skill children need to learn. Keeping this in mind, an activity “My Own Calendar” was conducted for the students of class Nursery. In this activity students learned the basic calendar reading skills and they also marked the important days and dates of month like festivals, birthday date, weekend days etc. Children enjoyed the activity as they were able to connect it to their day to day life.

Green Garnish-Competition – 30th September 2022

Good nutrition is vital for the growth, learning, and development of young children. To provide a strong foundation for a healthy life children need foods and beverages with plenty of nutrients. Keeping this in mind, ”Green Garnish” competition was conducted for the students of class PREP. The objective was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the right choice of food among children. The participants’ creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different mouthwatering salads.

Ghandhi Jayanti, Dussehra – 30th September 2022

“Festivals teach us to share the joy with each other.”

Celebrating festivals is an integral part of learning at DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar. Being a diverse country, through such celebrations, students not only learn the significance behind the festival, but they also learn to embrace other traditions and cultures just like they do with their own.  Keeping up with this tradition, the festival of Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated by the students of classes Pre-Nursery to II. The celebration commenced with reciting of shlokas followed by the enactment of a very captivating Ramleela which concluded with the ultimate triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana, signifying the victory of good over evil. The students who enacted these roles were perfect in their poise, confidence, and expression.

The students of class Pre-Nursery paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi by presenting the poem ‘Bappu bhole bhale’ with passionate patriotic fervour. A skit conveying the importance of developing a strong character by overcoming our weaknesses based on highlighting the values and principles of Mahatma Gandhi received loud applause. The students dressed up in their traditional attire performed a beautiful Garba dance. The program culminated with a very positive message from the Academic Coordinator based on the importance of good virtues in our life. The program was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all.

Doodle art competition – 29th September 2022

“Colours are brighter when the mind is open”.

Spreading the brightness of colours, “Doodle art” Colouring Competition was conducted for the students of class Pre-Nursery. The little ones enjoyed this session where they were able to showcase their choice of colours and exhibit their creativity. It was a pleasure to watch these tiny tots working with such ease with colours. Each and every child participated passionately in the competition.

My Yummy Basket – 29th September 2022

“Fruits and vegetables are good to eat, they taste so well and make a healthy treat.”

Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any balanced diet because they bring so much to the table in terms of nutritional value. To educate students about healthy food choices and the important part that fruits and vegetables play in daily diet to keep us fit and healthy, DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar, conducted an activity “My Yummy Basket” for the students of class Nursery. In this activity, children prepared their own fruits and vegetable basket which was very helpful to teach the children to identify different fruits and vegetables and also the health benefits of eating different types of fruits and vegetables gifted by nature. The students also understood the basic techniques like washing, chopping, mixing, and sautéing of vegetables.

Magic of Music – 27th September 2022

‘’Music is the strongest form of magic.’’

Music ignites all areas of child development including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Exposure to music at an early age helps students learn sound and speak more clearly.

Little Dipsites of class Nursery presented a morning assembly on the topic ‘Magic of Music’ which portrayed the importance of music in the holistic development of the child through theme talk, dance and musical treat to the ears. The children enjoyed and learned this new concept with happiness and enthusiasm.

Cactus Pet Rocks – 23rd September 2022

DPS Castle of Dreams Kolar always gives the effective learning environment which caters to the need of each individual learner. In order to meet the learning goals, ‘Cactus Pet Rocks’ an activity was organised for the students of class Prep, under the theme Plants and Seasons. This fun activity allowed all learners to perceive and organise information according to their own unique and preferred way.

Graduation Ceremony
Prepites of DPS Kolar graduate!
The graduation ceremony for thee young prepites was conducted on Friday, 4th March 2022.
This ceremony was conducted to felicitate the toddler graduates to primary with the feel of stepping ahead a significant phase of school life. The program began with the prayer dance presented by the students of class II. The most awaited moment was the graduation ceremony. It was immensely joyous to see the little ones walking, adorned in traditional convocation gowns and caps. Their smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as they received scrolls of merit on the Dias. It was indeed heartwarming to see teary eyed parents as they watched their little angels transform into butterflies ready to fly.
Madam Principal Ms Vandana Dhupar in her welcome address expressed her gratitude to the parents and acknowledged them as active ingredients in nurturing the young talents. She also appreciated the student anchors who compered the show with unabated confidence and displayed their exceptional oratory skills. A befitting welcome dance by the students of class 1 left everyone spellbound as they danced to the tunes of vibrant music with highly coordinated movements. The Chief Guest Ms Sonam Chhatwani in her convocation address complimented the graduates on their achievements. She also congratulated the teachers for their dedication and hard work in shaping the students through education and other co-curricular activities.