Personality Development


“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them will leave an impression”.

So we seek to develop their talent to their full potential in a challenging and caring atmosphere and ensure that every child has a sense of belonging to the setting by valuing the diversity and individuality that each child brings with them.

DPS Castle of Dreams wholeheartedly believes that one of the most essential things for every child is being out and about.

Be it our play fields, swimming pool, kitchen garden, toy train or the lush green garden, every child gets an equal opportunity to explore the awe and wonders of the natural outdoors and wider world.

Such exposure gives every child an opportunity to:

  • Be creative, a problem solver and a calculated risk taker
  • Design and build
  • Challenge themselves to develop new skills
  • Mark & make by the use of materials found in the outdoors
  • Have a sense of fun, enjoyment and playfulness

Besides this a plethora of activities are planned and conducted throughout the session which involves each and every student and ultimately grooms them and prepares an all round personality.

A blend of scholastic and co-scholastic activities focusing on vocabulary building, reading, circle time, competitions, field trips promote and develop inter personal and conversational skills amongst the children and also enhances the development of their personality in different domains.